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Maria Krystyna

Maria is a Medium, a Psychic Reader, and a Spiritual Educator. 

Maria Krystyna Medium is a true Super Spiritual Medium!

She is in touch with the world around her, and she finds peace in connecting with those who book a reading with Maria Krystyna and with those who are in the Spirit World.
Maria Krystyna believes that every life is special and that every life has a purpose.
She values harmony and understanding between the two worlds.
Maria Krystyna works with Love and Compassion from within her heart.
As simple as it sounds, Maria Krystyna Medium truly thinks it’s important to make the world a better place with her mediumship and her readings.

Maria uses her natural abilities when she reads for her clients. For Maria, the most important thing is to give her clients hope, when they may feel all is lost.

Maria holds fortnightly Development Home Circles on a Monday evenings and monthly 4hours Workshop on a Saturday afternoon in West Hoxton, guiding those who wish to open up to their Spiritual abilities. Maria works from the heart with Spirit and for Spirit.

Maria has a great love with the Lenormand Cards. Maria will use these to help to answer those questions her clients may have.
Face to face readings are held in West Hoxton, near Liverpool. Maria also offers Skype and Phone reading for those who can’t get to her.

Maria has been running Fortnightly Development  Home circles for over 4 years in West Hoxton, near Liverpool.
Maria Krystyna also is a ‘Guest Medium’ at various Spiritual Churches in the Sydney area.

Maria attends different workshops through the year to further her knowledge and her natural abilities with Spirit and her intuition. Maria strongly believes with all things you do, there is always new ways and methods of learning.

Maria Krystyna’s Experience

The Spiritualists′ National Union Class of 2018

Speaking and Demonstrating
SD1 · Mark ‘A’ Overall 92.7%
West Hoxton, New South Wales, Australia
An Introduction to Spiritualist

Demonstration Workshop

Chris Drew, Manly (2018)


Chris Drew, Manly (2017)

Chris Drew, St Clements Monastery (2017)

Angel Intuitive Reader

Certified Angel Intuitive Reader™ with Doreen Virtue (2013)


Certified Angel Card Reader™ (2014)

Studied Mediumship

Paul Jacobs, Biagio Tropeano, St. Clements Monastery (2018)

Paul Jacobs, Biagio Tropeano, St. Clements Monastery (2017)

Mavis Pittilla, St. Clements Monastery Retreat (2016)

 Paul Jacobs, Val Hood, Biagio Tropeano, St. Clements Monastery (2016)

Studied Psychic & Mediumship Development

Val Hood – Advance Mediumship (2016 – current)

Mary King – Psychic & Mediumship Development (2016)

Sharon Hood – Advanced Mediumship (2014)

Florence King – Development Circle (2014)


Kerry Nelson – Psychic & Mediumship Development and Tarot (2013)


Amanda Roussety – Psychic Development (2012)

Studied Spiritualism and Mediumship at Australian Mediumship

Psychic Academy with Tony Stockwell, Lynne Probert, Simone Keys and Natalie Walker from the AFC in the UK (2017)

Simone Keys Intensive Mediumship, Leura (2016)

Trance and Evidential Mediumship

Minister Martin Colcough from the AFC in the UK (2019)

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