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Term 4 – Zoom Monday Evening Psychic & Mediumship Development Classes 2021
07:30pm to 09:30pm - December 6, 2021
Maria Krystyna's Weekly Zooms Circle is jammed pack with Psychic and Mediumship Development. Maria will teach you the difference between your psychic and mediumistic abilities. Maria's ethics are of high standards, as Maria only wishes to bring the best out in your abilities. Maria Krystyna does her very best to keep her fees at an affordable rate, her teaching is of high standards! The Teachings & The Learning: - Personal responsibility to your clients, with Spirit, to yourself and setting the boundaries within this work - The use of all your Clairs - Clairvoyance - clear seeing, Clairaudience - clear hearing, Claircognizance - clear knowing, Clairsentience - clear feeling, Clairalience - clear smelling and Clairgustance - clear tasting. - Feeling the difference between being a psychic or a medium (energy/vibration) - The use of Oracle Cards and reading them Intuitively - Psychic/Mediumship exercises in a Zoom breakout rooms with a partner or in the group circle. - Private FB group for communication and knowledge
Term 4 Monday Evenings  Start Date: 11th October Time: 7:30pm - 9:30pm (2hours) Five Fortnightly Zoom Classes Cost: $135 Payment through PayPal or direct deposit, you will need to ask Maria for details


  • Maria Krystyna
  • 0411 017 766

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  • Fees: 135$ - Seats: 10
    Seats available: 10
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In light of the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) social distancing is necessary.
Readings and classes are available now via Zoom classes, Skype and Phone until further notice. Thank you.