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Term 4 – Learn Intuitive Tarot with Maria Krystyna
07:00pm to 09:00pm - November 3, 2021
Maria Krystyna has a great love for Tarot and Oracles Cards, you should see her collection! Maria brought her first Tarot cards in her mid twenties, during in this time Maria played with her cards, not focusing on the true meanings. Maria has been taught by wonderful readers here in Australia and overseas. The Tarot and Oracles are tools of the trade, as with all new tools, one has to learn the trade. With the Tarot you can read the Tarot Intuitively, while learning the basic meaning of each Tarot. When you read intuitively each reading you give, will be different from another's. With the Tarot, if you read the Tarot meanings, you will find all your readings will be the same for each person, everyone's circumstance are always different and this doesn't give your intuition a kick start. Using your intuition while giving a Tarot card reading, allows you to use your own natural abilities, which is a great way of connecting to the Tarot. This Zoom Circle is excellent for those who are new to the Tarot, Oracle or are intermediate readers.
Term 4 starts on Wednesday 6th October, there are 5x fortnightly Zoom classes ending on 1st December 2021 you may need to download the Zoom App. Time: 7pm - 9pm Cost: $135 via PayPal or direct deposit, you will need to message Maria for bank details.
What you will need bring to class: 1x packet of Tarot deck, (best to start off with the Rider Waite Tarot). It's ok to use what you already have too. 1x Oracle Deck, Angel, Fairy etc. Best to have no writing on the cards, one word is ok. Pen and a notebook if you wish to take notes. Be in a quiet room, no noise in the background, as this does come through and can be annoying for others We will learn different spreads. Breakout rooms for pairing up for exercises Questions and answers and some fun in learning.


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